Thursday, February 18, 2010




DJ 12 Gauge was born and raised on the grimey streets of Hamilton,Ohio. He started Dj'ing back in 2007 as a hobby, and it quickly progressed into a career and lifestyle. His passion for music, and his knowledge of how the industry works, makes him a powerful force to recon with. DJ 12 Gauge's raw passion, and unique style is what separates him from other Dj's.

DJ 12 Gauge was influenced by the legendary 2pac. DJ 12 Gauge has a wide variety of music he incorporates into all his mixtapes, any where from; Midwest, West Coast, to Dirty South, which has expanded his fan base to over 20 thousand people. He has established a connection with all Hip-Hop fans across the globe because of the different variety of music.

DJ 12 Gauge's goal is to knowledge his fans, and put real music in people's ear, and give them a certain type of style that no other Dj can offer. DJ 12 Gauge is always looking for new artist who are on the come up, and to break the surface of the industry for there careers.

Be on the lookout for DJ 12 Gauge's latest mixtapes. I guarantee you, that your CD collection cannot be complete without one of his classic street albums. You can contact DJ 12 Gauge through any of the links listed below,thanks.