Friday, September 4, 2009

Bumsquad's DJ NAPPI & TINO present CAPITAL PUNISHMENT 2009 mixtape album

Bums are hella busy!!!! Check it out. Tino recently sent you guys the
single featuring Paul Wall and it got great reviews!!

Hello All,

I wanted to shoot this your way. San Antonio's DJ NAPPI and myself
teamed up to remake in my opinion

one of the best hip hop albums ever. Big Pun's Capital Punishment. My
current single "Diamonds & 

Patron" is getting a lot of love on the west coast in various markets
but being that it's such an up-tempo

club record I wanted to showcase my lyrical abilities and let you see
that I am a well rounded artist. The support 

for my single is greatly appreciated and after listening to this I hope
you have a greater respect for my craft and have 

the urge to support my current and future singles. I feel that those who
hear my songs on the radio will come to find this 

tape and love it for the fact they like me as an artist. I also feel
that those who like this tape will have a greater appreciation 

for my radio singles due to the fact they know I can hold my own
lyrically. I had a great time writing this tape and I hope 

you enjoy the final product. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. The
link is below.

RadioHeadz Music Group




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